Wilson Night Session Collection Launch ahead of US Open 2022

Wilson Blade Night Session

We are super excited for the upcoming US Open to be played at Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre in New York City August 29 – September 11.. The final major for the year, we wonder what controversy will this years’ event bring?

We are even more excited for Wilson’s latest collection drop ahead of the US Open… NIGHT SESSION. Inspired by playing under stadium lights, the Wilson Night Session collection features three reflective tennis racquets, mens shoe, mens t-shirt, mens hoody, mens shorts, tennis bag and backpack. The sleek black design with the reflective decal appearing under certain light, are sure to excite all tennis enthusiasts.

Wilson have pushed the boundaries with tennis racket design once again, the Wilson Night Session collection, releasing August 16, 2022, includes Wilson Blade 98 v8, Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 and Wilson Clash 100 v2 all with the black design and innovative reflective features.

At a glance, the reflective decals on the frames are subtle, blending in with the sleek black frame but when you start swinging it, you get glimpses of the decals shining through.

The frames themselves have had minor improvements made to them to enhance the control and spin to help you gain that edge over your competitor.

Wilson Night Session Available for Demo in store
We have the Wilson Night Session tennis racquet Collection available in store as demo tennis racquets if you would like to pop past for a hit on one of our squash courts or to take home.

The entire Wilson Night Session Collection is available in store or online and ready to ship, we can’t wait to see what you think!